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we recently had a rally, actually on sunday for the refreshment of the mural. there was good coverage from the neighborhood, some folks spontaneously spoke in favor of it. you might look at our -- for downstairs please show our visual. save our history, protect our art. recently, in addition, there was endorsement of the refreshment of the mural from the harvey milk lgbt democratic club as well as the peace and freedom party. who else supported and has supported restoration of the mural, author and mural expert tim drescher, singer songwriter holly near, john soma who has made a film, and some other local folks whose names you
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might find familiar. although the library's minutes are not always fully reliable, let's go to august 2009, when kimberly -- district director for assembly member tom ammiano came and reported as having said the assembly member has heard from a number of constituents in bernal heights who supports restoration of the murals. he said he also supports restoration of all sides of the mural. lynette haynes, legislative aide to supervisor campos said many constituents have come forward who would like to see the mural restored on all three sides. i won't read all the rest of it but precita -- a -- and a wide range of people altogether support the refreshment of this mural and not its planned destruction. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker.
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>> viewers at home, tom gilberti, beach marina apartments. anyone in this room, anyone listening at home want to wake up tomorrow and hear a noise, a droning, a buzzing, coming not from their apartment or their home, their house, but from across the street, a never-before heard noise. they come home tomorrow, the next night, it's still there, it's still there, and it's still there. your property values, your quality of life suffer. and where is it coming from? it could be an electric transformer on a pole in a backyard, a street lamp, electrical transformer outside a warehouse that's been remodeled, a fan and motor ventilating parked cars in a garage, forced air coming out of a building to
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make them comfortable, and all the time they're dumping noise over the street onto your property. and what is this noise? this noise is basically garbage but it's wasted energy. we were talking before about how we want to make the city a little bit more energy-friendly. well, you know, how about banning ventilation systems for parked cars in this city. we have no freezing. we have no snow. do we have to have something running 24 hours a day for parked cars? that's enough for that. so what do we get? if we ask the city for better standards, for better equipment, for better design, we can modify this, though it doesn't. if we just pass a law that says, okay, zero, zero, and not 55 decibels in your house, or 45 decibels in your house at night. because that lets noise in your apartment. that does nothing to curb this.
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and then if you say well a new building or remodeled, you can have five decibels over the noise level in your community, or eight decibels over the level of your community, you know which way this is going. why would real estate developments pay money when they can save some money and dump this noise on you. so i'm just -- you know, i'm asking -- i'm making a judgment that nobody here in this chamber, nobody listening at home, is going to say, yes, i want noise in my apartment, in my home, that devalues my property, that lowers my quality of life. and if i want to open a window, it can't be done. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is michael patrelis, i'm a district 8 voter. a week ago was september 11, and president obama asked for all flags to be lowered to honor everyone who was killed on 9/11. my friend bill wilson and i asked the political leaders of the castro to use the public property at harvey milk plaza, including the rainbow flag, to lower the rainbow flag, to first of all respect president obama's proclamation, and, second, to remember and honor a gay hero named mark bingham who lost his life in the fields of pennsylvania. for two years, gay activists have asked, demanded, and pleaded for public property at harvey milk plaza to simply lower a flag on occasion,
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especially when our president asks to do it. and when gay people say we want to honor mark bingham, we want petty vindictive political leadership in the castro to grow up. we want a public discussion about public property. because mark bingham would have had the flag lowered at harvey milk plaza, had harvey milk been alive. we simply want to lower a flag on city property. and after two years, we don't have that right. something must be done.
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>> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is carolyn calderón. i work for the -- housing program of the veterans equity center. i'm here today opposing supervisor scott wiener's efforts to change the city's existing building code to reduce the minimum living area from 220 square feet to 150 square feet decreasing in him living space for quettle in san francisco by more than 30%. understanding that development in san francisco is inevitable, but this type of development will be competing with the minimal land that the city has, which can be used for real affordable housing. and san francisco has yet to meet its sf housing element plan of prioritizing affordable housing units and yet creating housing for employees of new
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tech companies that are answering our neighborhoods such as the south of market. today, i urge the supervisors, especially supervisor david chiu, to vote down the microunit legislation because the city needs to prioritize family housing for which is long overdue. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. my name is teresa imperial, from -- housing program of veterans equity center, and i'm a case manager. right now i have letters of our clients who are opposing about the -- legislation and i can read this letter from what they have opposed. so this microunits would not cheaper than market rent. they only cost less to make because they are smaller. how can we be assured these units will be affordable for the life of the unit when in the
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free market there is no such thing as affordable by design. landlords in a set rent in accordance with the cost of the unit but what max rent the market will bear. the smaller the unit the more they can cram into one area. this can mean a huge and sudden increase in population and which could mean also displacement for long residents of san francisco, especially inside of market area and mid-market. what is the impact of that unplanned growth in open space, traffic and quality of life and how should such impacts be mitigated. how will developers in the city mitigate that. what is the compared value to developers by increasing density. what will the city get in return. since the city already has limited land how will this legislation impact or compete with affordable housing units that the housing trust fund is looking into funding. the proposal to decrease the minimum size of efficiency units may ultimately be a good idea if
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it is -- with adequate planning policies and regulation but without an analysis of the potential impacts of increased housing density, the board of supervisors -- consider legislation blindly and enable approval of such development with appropriate mitigation. we urge you to not pass this legislation and continue it -- and continue it until committee issues are addressed with property community dialogue. thank you very much. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, board of supervisors. hello. my name is juslin menalo, i was born in san francisco and raised in the south of market area and i've been working in south of market for over a decade now. i'm here in concern about the shoe box legislation or the microunit legislation. i seen the changes in south of market from a child to a
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teenager to college student and now a young professional. and that -- this will critically affect the seniors, the families, and the residents that live in the south of market. we urge each and every one of you to vote down this legislation. we need real affordable housing in the neighborhood and in all of san francisco. please vote down the microunit legislation. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i'm going to play this video which i played last week. healing circle -- >> it is one thing to anticipate a death because of old age or
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sickness. it is quite another to experience the sudden violent death of a loved one. ♪ >> (shots fired). >> since 2004, san francisco has experienced an unprecedented number of homicides. >> (sirens sounding).
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>> 60% of the homicide victims are people of color. their loved ones, living in neighborhoods of scarcity and neglect must deal with their personal tragedies while at the same time facing the crime and violence of the unsafe neighborhoods that surround them every day. >> something needs to be done about that. how long are we going to suffer? how long are we going to stay in pain? >> president chiu: thank you very much.
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thank you very much. next speaker. >> may 21, 2011, the worldwide witness occurred, this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness in all nations, and then shall the end come. i'd like to continue on as to what i spoke about last tuesday, we learned that jesus died in the 487 year from the command to build jerusalem, and that there
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were several prophesies fulfilled. one was that they would give him a parade, that they would shout in this parade, and jesus said in essence the scripture cannot be broken when he said in luke 19:40, if these were all together to hold thy piece the stones would immediately cry out. you know, if larry graphwall, f.b.i. agent was interviewed on the alex jones show and he said bill ayers would be betrayed by his own familiar friend and that 487 minutes from the beginning of his interview with alex jones, bill ayers, wearing a white vesture and garment would be eating a cheeseburger at mcdonald's and keel over dead and then it happened you would say larry's a profit. but we're not talking about 487 minutes before the big event. we're talking about 487 years.
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everybody was dead. you know, in the dead sea scrolls they found -- this is three or four centuries before christ, the comments of jews in regards to this prophesy and they shed much light that gabriel never used in the prophesy. they said it was 10 jubilees. gabriel said no, and understand from the command to build and restore jerusalem under the prince there would be seven weeks and three score and two weeks. >> president chiu: thank you very much. any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is closed. madam clerk, could you call adoption calendar. >> clerk calvillo: 48 through 31, these items will be enacted upon a single roll call vote. if a member wants discussion -- >> president chiu: would anyone like to sever any of these items? roll call vote. >> clerk calvillo: 38 through
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41, president chiu, aye. supervisor chu, aye. supervisor cohen, aye. supervisor elsbernd, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor olague, aye. supervisor wiener, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. >> clerk calvillo: there are 11 ayes. >> president chiu: those resolutions are adopted. colleagues, we have one imperative agenda item as i mentioned before and the recognition of our outgoing puc manager ed harrington thank you for your cosponsorship of the resolution commending him for 28 years of distinguished service to the city and county of san francisco. could i have a second to the motion to adopt the resolution? seconded by supervisor campos. this resolution has a requisite purely commendatory finding as well as brown act funding.
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any public comment on this? seeing none, same house, same call. without objection that shall be the case. madam clerk, read the in memoriams. >> clerk calvillo: today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following individual, on behalf of supervisor cohen, for the late mr. robert allin allen price. >> president chiu: is there any more business in front of the body? >> clerk calvillo: that concludes our business for today. >> president chiu: ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned.
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